Art Karavan Banner at M.F Husain Gallery, Jamia Millia Islamai, University Delhi

May 30, 2010

station on the way to Zaina Pora Kashmir

May 27, 2010

Posters on Water in Jammu by Anna, Khitish and Carol

May 27, 2010

Water conservation project, awareness campaign in Jammu university

Banner in Shimla

May 27, 2010

we kept on adding name of the destination on the banner, here in shimla

Performance by Jeetin Rangher in Srinagar Kashmir

May 27, 2010

Indian and Pakistani flag symbols: installation material -Scool Junk in Srinagar

Bhuvensh Kumar on his canvas in Srinagar kashmir

May 27, 2010

on his canvas in Srinagar

Some Images during travel from Chandigardh to Jammu to Srinagar

May 27, 2010

some travel pics

Greta Mendez on the Stage in Jammu University

May 27, 2010

introducig nuances of Calypso to the audience in Jammu University

Ranjit Singh’s installation in Shimla

May 27, 2010

" one night stand " initiated by Ondi McMaster

Performance by Gopal Sharma in Shimla ( initiated by Ondi McMaster )

May 27, 2010

one night stand " initiated by Ondi McMaster in Shimla


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