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Performance by Jeetin Rangher in Srinagar Kashmir

May 27, 2010

Indian and Pakistani flag symbols: installation material -Scool Junk in Srinagar

Installation by Jeetin Rangher in Shimla

May 27, 2010

"One Night Stand" initiated by Ondi McMaster in Shimla

Jeetin Rangher & Kristian Al-Dourbi at Amar Mahal Museum at Jammu

May 26, 2010

Kristian Al-Dbourbi introducing himself with knife on his throat

Jeetin Rangher introducing himself with knife on his throat

Three monkies in front of Gandhi Ji, by Bhuvnesh Kumar in Patna

May 20, 2010

Satjeet, Bhuvnesh Kumar, Jeetin Rangher

Performance” Chaos ” by Jeetin Rangher

May 19, 2010

The entire ground in front of college of art was divided into lanes for traffic like movements

" chaos " worked with vehicles sounds and lights with other art college sutdents

Zaina Pora Shopian/Kashmir. Visit initiated by Sanjay Kumar Dhar

May 16, 2010

meeting of old friends: After a long time, Sanjay  was visiting his homevillage  in Kashmir that he had to leave….

Buvanesh, Minni, Alana, Jeetin, Silke, Leslie, Gertrud, Ranjit ans Sanjay  visiting the only Hindu family that stayed in the village

After drawing workshops by Jeetin and Silke  at the privat school in Zaina Pora Shopian

Jeetin Rangher with teacher during workshop


goverment schoolmap of Kashmir in the classroom

meeting the village people at the source

standing together for half and hour

learing how to draw, School girl in a village in Kashmir

“Shimla Discord” by Jeetin Rangher & Kristian Al Dourbi in Shimla

May 16, 2010

with school children on the Ridge

near Mahatma Gandhi’s statue Ridge in Shimla

they both moved through the street pulling each other with partition images in between

display of images by Jeetin Rangher & Kristian Al Dourbi at Jamia Milia Islamia

May 16, 2010

on the floor: images on 1947 Partition: downloaded from net

image from performance in shimla

Perormance by Kristian Al Dourbi & Jeetin Rangher – JNU ( A&A)

May 16, 2010

India & Pakistan: on the table for a happy meal, but...

Kristian Al Dourbi as Pakistan, Jeetin Rangher as India

the barked loud, and louder

while they barked,the tasty things were taken away by "white"

Performance by Jeetin Rangher in Lucknow University

May 13, 2010

" i took the liberty to tie the audience with rope , they remaind mute "